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What is the Purpose of the Federal Reserve?

ZYTrade Editor: The Federal Reserve has long been at the center of US monetary policy, in turn, a central of our economy. But have you ever stopped to question what it is exactly that they doand whether their objectives can be clearly defined? With all the history,...

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10 Risks of Become an Entrepreneur (and How to Face Them)

ZYTrade Editor: Going out on your own to build a business is an enterprise fraught with risks. But if you truly have an entrepreneurial streak, there are ways to mitigate those risks. Starting a business isn’t for everyone. But you won’t know whether it's for you...

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How to Trade the News

ZYTrade Editor: Ever get tempted to trade the news? It’s risky, but there are ways to do it. Here’s a primer on news trading. Give it a read, and determine whether such a strategy might (or might not) be favorable to your trading approach.   Two savage bear...

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How to Interpret the Jobless Claims Report

ZYTrade Editor: Jobless Claims. It’s reported every Thursday at 8:30 am ET. It has a tendency to move the markets. If you don’t quite understand what it is and what it consists of, it’s time to get a good grasp of its content and importance. Here’s a bare-bones...

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Morgan Stanley Forecasts a 10% Drop

ZYTrade Editor: Are weeing a double top across all three major US indexes? This article argues that we are, and it delves into great technical detail regarding Morgan Stanley’s near-term expectation: a 10% drop. Back on September 2, when stocks hit an all time high,...

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Advanced Trading Concepts: the No-Nine Strategy

ZYTrade Editor: One challenge traders often come across is that of avoiding false breakouts. This strategy--called No-Nines--aims to decrease your risk of failed breakouts.    No-Nines: Summary The no-nines strategy delays the purchase of a stock until the price...

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A Q3 Tech Earnings Preview

ZYTrade Editor: Right now tech may be the only sector ending the year with positive returns. But is the sector overvalued? Here’s one take on the state of tech, from JJ Kinihan.   As the broader market attempts to gun the gas after its September slump, Tech once...

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Which Moving Averages Should I Use?

ZYTrade Editor: Following up on an article we curated last week that discussed the basics of moving averages, we present the more common MA’s traders use. Does it matter? Yes, it does, depending on your trading goals. Here are a few tips to consider, if only to avoid...

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Where Are Americans Really Spending Their Money?

ZYTrade Editor: Is American consumption recovering at a healthy pace. The numbers say so, but again, the headline figure doesn’t break it down for you either. This article illustrates American consumer spending habits over the last few months. Its goal is to help you...

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