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How to Assess Your Bank’s Financial Health

ZYTrade Editor: 2008 was a nightmare for more reasons than just the subprime mortgage crisis. The integrity of the entire banking system was under tremendous pressure. Since then, regulators have been enforcing relatively tight standards, howing to avoid another...

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ZYTrade Technical Snapshot – Silver (SL)

Silver will have to clear 25.50 for the near-term uptrend to resume [1] and 28.00 for the intermediate-term downtrend to be put into question. Further downside is possible, with the 21.00 range finding potentially critical support (both the 50% retracement and 200-EMA...

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Is Silver Poised for a Breakout in the Near Term?

ZYTrade Editor: There’s gold bug (same as “silver bug”) talk that’s plain outrageous, and there’s outrageous-sounding talk that’s actually quite plausible. With regard to silver, read the following and decide for yourself if this is fundamentally right on or just...

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Goldman Sachs Projects a Commodities Bull Market in 2021

ZYTrade Editor: For years, commodity speculators have been waiting for that next period of secular commodities growth. Is it finally here? Goldman Sachs believes so, as they forecast a secular commodities bull in 2021, riding on dollar weakness, rising inflation, and...

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ZYTrade Technical Snapshot – Regional Banks (KRE)

The regional banking industry (KRE as proxy) has been trading in a wide range since its highest recovery level in June. It’s currently looking to break above resistance [1[ at 42.50. If you’re looking to go long, be sure to pay attention to volume [2], and note that...

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Can Cheap Money Entice Small Business Growth?

A growing worry of stagflation (High inflation followed by stagnant economic growth) is becoming more of a trending reality as the pandemic looks to continue into the next year. The March selloff affected major global supply chains and if paired with rising inflation,...

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Sound Smarter by Avoiding These Common Mispronunciations

ZYEditor: This may not be a “finance” article but it concerns professionals who want to avoid sounding less smarter than they are. 13 commonly mispronounced words and how to correctly pronounce them. Say them right, look smarter, and maybe it’ll help you advance in...

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What is the Purpose of the Federal Reserve?

ZYTrade Editor: The Federal Reserve has long been at the center of US monetary policy, in turn, a central of our economy. But have you ever stopped to question what it is exactly that they doand whether their objectives can be clearly defined? With all the history,...

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10 Risks of Becoming an Entrepreneur (and How to Face Them)

ZYTrade Editor: Going out on your own to build a business is an enterprise fraught with risks. But if you truly have an entrepreneurial streak, there are ways to mitigate those risks. Starting a business isn’t for everyone. But you won’t know whether it's for you...

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