ZYTrade Editor: There’s something really cool about being your local go-to person for information or services. Your reputational value increases, and you can convert that into monetary value. Why not seek a “higher authority?”


Establishing yourself as an authority in your field can be a life-changing experience. Some people don’t like calling themselves expert because they don’t have social proof. I have good news for you if you fall into this category.

Being an expert is more than just a title or providing evidence in the form of social proof. It means that you understand your customer or clients problem and are able to provide a suitable solution.

It’s easy to become an expert especially if the problem is an uncommon one or it the first time that it has actually surfaced. I love the way I heard one person put it. They said, “To a 5-year old who doesn’t know how to build a Lego house, a 10-year-old who knows how to do this is an expert.”

If you allow yourself to think in this way you will realise that you are an expert in many things. You just need to choose one area that you have a special interest in, one you want to be known for, and that will pay you well, then go out and offer your services.

Why You Should Position Yourself as an Expert

Somewhere in the world there’s a person who would benefit from your knowledge and expertise. You might not think much of it yourself but for a prospective client it could mean everything. If you don’t put yourself out there they will never know about you. That’s the first reason why you should position yourself as an expert.

The second reason is that positioning yourself as an expert in your field allows you to set yourself apart from the competition. You become the go-to person for a specific issue.

How to Position Yourself as an Expert

There are three things you need to do in order to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Fistly, show your customer or client that you understand their problem and have the solution to resolve it.

Secondly, the first solution that you provide to your client must be one that will give them immediate results. This one is especially good for those who don’t yet have social proof. You want to be able to give your client an action to carry out. When they follow your instructions they must be able to see the results immediately. This will build trust between you and the client.

Clients like quick wins that make them feel as if they are making progress or that their problem is being resolved.

Thirdly, incentivise your client to accept your offer by creating a sense of urgency. I am aware that some marketers have abused this strategy. I admit that I personally switch off the minute I see the clock ticking or telling me to register or take action within a specified period of time. However, much as I am not too fond of it, this strategy does work.

The Benefits of Positioning Yourself as an Expert

  • Increased income.
  • The ability to specialise.
  • The flexibility that comes with being able to set your fee and your working hours.

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