R Trader–Rithmic’s front-end trading platform—is a professional trading suite flush with a wide range of features including real-time risk management and option trading capabilities. Among R Trader’s functionalities:


  • Recent orders window displays information about working orders, completed orders, and can be used to modify orders
  • Order book window displays real time market depth and to place and manage orders for a particular contract
  • Trader dashboard window displays information about contract positions and profit and loss for each account to which you have access
  • Quote board displays market data and to place new orders
  • Strategy board window displays the composition of exchange listed strategy instruments and real time prices for these instruments
  • Time charts used to analyze historical market data, plot real-time data and trade your account


As with every trading platform, it takes time to get comfortable enough with a platform to evaluate if it’s right for you.


Request a Demo

First, you’ll need a demo to give R Trader a test-run. Click here and check the box next to R Trader. Once you receive your demo credentials, you can get started.


Download and Install R Trader

This is your first step, and it’s easy to do. To help you with the process, we created a short video that walks you through the steps. It’s the next best thing to getting a personal walkthrough, which we also do at ZY Trade.


R Trader Dashboard

The R Trader dashboard is an important tool that allows you to see your real-time balance, closed P&L, and open P&L. Before you begin placing trades, make sure you are familiar with the dashboard as it is the one space that consolidates all of your critical trading information.


R Trader Quote Board

Now that you are familiar with the dashboard, how do you pull up and customize your market quotes? How can you add or remove markets on your list? It’s easy to do; and this video shows you how.

R Trader Order Book

The Order Book is the most important tool you will need to trade. In a nutshell, it provides data on all of the instruments you are trading. It’s important to become real familiar with the order book in order to prevent the typical user errors that can often happen while trading. Our 2-minute video shows you the ins and outs of using this important tool.

Stop and Limit Orders

Stop and limit orders are the most common order types that traders use on a regular basis, as both orders provide a means to protect a position against further losses and take profits upon reaching a given price target. This video will show you how to place basic stops and limits on your R Trader order book.

OCO and Bracket Orders

For the more active traders—i.e. day traders; scalpers—OCO (Order Cancels Order) and brackets are crucial tools for getting in and out of markets quickly when you need to ramp up your trading frequency.

Trading Options with R Trader

R Trader is one of the few futures trading platforms with option trading capabilities. This video walks you through the basics of trading options on futures. Options trading is a little bit more involved, a bit more complex; so pay close attention!


There are plenty more functions to explore, of course. But these are just a few to help you get started quickly with R Trader. If you have any questions about this platform, or if you would like a one-on-one walkthrough, contact us at team@zytrade.com


To request a demo, go to our R Trader page by clicking here.

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